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Sale - The Zombie Hack $5

Sale - The Zombie Hack $5

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From Bloat Games, the creators of SURVIVE THIS!! Zombies! comes an all new roleplaying game, The Zombie Hack, based off the popular game by David Black, The Black Hack. The Zombie Hack takes the rules and mechanics of The Black Hack out of a fantasy setting and applies them to a near future zombie apocalypse. The streamlined, rules-light system, allows for quick and easy use of play and while still providing a full game experience. Players can choose from one of the six Survivor Classes: FIXER, LEADER, SCAVENGER, SLAYER, SURVIVALIST & TRACKER. The Zombie Hack also features also features seven Zombie Types: LIVING DEAD, GROANERS, WALKERS, RAGERS, RUNNERS, FLESHLESS TALKING ZOMBIE & SCREAMERS.

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