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List Off


From the zany brains at BLOAT GAMES comes the fun, fast paced new card game: List Off.  Combining skill & knowledge, List Off is the perfect party game for 4 or more players.  (Ages 13 & up)

Included with List Off you will find 96 Blue Trivia cards with each card containing the following categories:  Movies, Music, Literature/Comics, TV, Sports, Gaming, Miscellaneous & Player’s Choice.  There is also a deck of 96 Red Deck Actions Cards that allows the players to manipulate the game by doing such actions as:  Changing the Category, Skip their turn, Reverse the flow of the game to the previous player, or make another player answer 4 answers or be eliminated, just to name a few.  The randomness of the Red Action Cards helps to balance the game by adding an element of randomness, allowing players who are not traditionally good at trivia games to control their destiny and even the field of play.  There is also 3 Green Rules Cards (these replace the traditional rule book) and (2) 8-sided Dice.

Quick-Play Rules:

1.       A Player draws a Blue Trivia Card

(Ex: The Player lays the card on the table, face up)

2.       The Player rolls an 8-sided die to determine the category.

(Ex:  The Player rolls “2”, the category will be MUSIC)

3.       The Player reads the question allowed.

(Ex:  Songs by Green Day)

4.       The Player either gives an answer, plays a red card, or declares they are out of the round.

(Ex:  Player answers:  Basket Case)

5.       The question then continues clockwise to the next player who repeats step 4.

(Ex:  The Next Player can’t name a different Green Day Song and does not have any Red Action cards to play so she declares she’s out.  Play continues to the next player after her.)

6.       The round ends when the there is one player left standing.  That player is awarded 1 point.

(Note:  When only 2 Players are left, roll an 8-sided die, to determine how many turns each player has before the round ends.  If the players can answer or play cards to the completion of the number of turns, then that round ends in a draw and the 2 remaining players get ½ a point each)

7.       The Next player starts a new round at step 1.

The first player to score 5 points wins the game. 

                                                                             Beta List Off via 2016

                                                                             Beta List Off via 2016