Bloat Games

Zombies 2nd Edition

From the creators of SURVIVE THIS!! Dark Places & Demogorgons, The Vigilante Hack and SURVIVE THIS!! Zombies! comes SURVIVE THIS!! Zombies! 2nd Edition.  STZ-2E is an OSR RPG with modern sensibilities, utilizing the time tested rules of the old-school and fusing them seamlessly with modern mechanics and game design principals to give you a fast, fun and dangerous, thrill ride-like gaming experience. 

“They’re coming to get you Barbara . . .”

That’s the line that started it all. Sure, there were other zombies in movies and literature prior to the delivery of that iconic quote but George A. Romero’s Night of The Living Dead kicked off the modern zombie craze. From Day of the Dead to Return of the Living Dead to Dawn of the Dead to Shaun of the Dead to The Walking Dead, people can’t get enough of The Dead! Zombies can be found in abundance in film, TV, comic books, literature, video games, board games, card games, dice games and yes, of course, roleplaying games. That is where we come in.

SURVIVE THIS!! – Zombies! was the first in the line of SURVIVE THIS!! Roleplaying Games to be released by indy publisher, Bloat Games. Dark Places & Demogorgons, the second game released under the SURVIVE THIS!! banner, brought about several updates and additions to the game rules and mechanics, which brings us now to the reason for the 2nd Edition of SURVIVE THIS!! Zombies!  We wanted to not only bring STZ up to date with the changes found in Dark Places & Demogorgons but also saw an opportunity to include the additions of Backgrounds, Skills, 6 New Classes, updated Savings Throws, Out of Action Table, Usage Die, Random Encounter Table, Adventure Hooks table as well as all the additional Zombies and Classes from the PDF only Supplement: SURVIVE THIS!! Zombies! Welcome to Zombie Land.

In addition to the rules update and new material, we here at Bloat Games also saw this as an opportunity to significantly upgrade the art too!  Starting with the amazing Skull with Weapons Wreath cover art by Runehammer. As well as interior color art by Anthony Cournoyer, Bradley K. McDevitt, JEShields, Kevlen Goodner, Jacob Blackmon, Peter Saga & Fat Goblin Stock Art.

The book is written by Eric Bloat, Creator of SURVIVE THIS!! with contributions by Josh Palmer, Co-Creators of SURVIVE THIS!! Dark Places & Demogorgons and right-hand man at Bloat Games.


“These are really cool games. Like I said before, they’re not revolutionary. They’re not big complex systems. They’re something like, when you want to play a zombie apocalypse and you’re used to something like OSR, you know how that kind of stuff works, this is sort of a turn key thing. ‘Oh, I want to run a zombie apocalypse, okay I’ll do this,’ and boom! Even if you’re not an OSR fan, these are really, really simple to learn. This is great for a one-shot, a short campaign, I suppose you could do a long campaign with this too if you want to. If you can Survive This?!!” - Ivanmike1968, YouTube review

“Eric’s a good writer. He is. He’s very succinct and he just gets you up and running.” - Ol’ Man Grognard, YouTube review

“All in all, it’s a fun game. It’s really easy to pick up. It’s easy to play and you could really teach anyone this game with very, very little work.” - God Emperor Leto II, YouTube review

“If you are a fan of White Box D&D you’re going to definitely like this game because it has the simplicity of White Box but it also adds into it just a little bit of complexity in a post-apocalyptic setting.” - God Emperor Leto II, YouTube review

“This game actually has a method for your equipment to break and you have to keep testing it to see how good it is. Because its post-apocalyptic, your stuff is kind of wearing out, which I really find neat.” - Ivanmike1968, YouTube review

“When you start your character out in Survive This!! you start out with zero and I mean zero equipment, which I absolutely love. It adds an element of lethality to the game.” - God Emperor Leto II, YouTube review

“Eric’s got a sick, sick mind!” - Ivanmike1968, YouTube review